Our Team

Chad B. Clauser

Director of Marketing, M.B.A.


Chad is a creative marketing director with years of experience in creating, implementing and refining marketing programs in the real estate industry. He possesses practical marketing knowledge as well as higher education in various disciplines. He applies his knowledge and experience in multiple areas to propose viable marketing solutions to clients at all levels of the real estate industry.

Justin A. Torok

Videographer | Editor | Designer


Justin Torok is a photographer, videographer, and designer. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Media Technology from East Stroudsburg University. Justin has won numerous photography and video awards and is a freelance photographer for local newspapers in his spare time.

Tony R. Cimerol

Videographer | Editor


Tony is a street photographer and has done work as a photojournalist in the indigenous regions of Panama and Costa Rica. He is a videographer in our home tours department. In his spare time he enjoys playing ice hockey and biking.

Andy C. Bilski

Social Media Manager


Andy is responsible for developing and implementing content strategies for our agency and client’s social media channels and helps to build a strong, engaged social community in support of our clients business goals. Andy’s real estate industry and sales background coupled with a keen understanding of technology has made him a trusted social media resource for our clients.

Patrick M. Leaver

Videographer | Editor

Patrick is a videographer, photographer, and editor. He has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Media and Communications from East Stroudsburg University. Patrick has his own recording studio, and in his spare time, plays guitar and sings for his band, The Phoenix Bridge.